About Atla IR & Shared Search

Atla works to promote worldwide scholarly communication in religion and theology by advancing the work of libraries and related information providers. In furtherance of that mission, Atla created the Atla IR as a collaborative platform for its member libraries and other partners wherein they could showcase the intellectual outputs of their faculty and students as well as facilitate the discovery and display of documents and other records related to institutional history and memory.  

Each participating institution has its own individual site wherein the content for just that institution may be searched. Additionally, Atla IR users can use the shared search box from the home page to find content from across all participating libraries’ repositories.

Participation in the Atla IR requires current Atla institutional membership. To learn more about eligibility and fees, please contact us.

The Atla IR is built using open source Samvera Hyku with additional viewing support through the Universal Viewer. Development services for the Atla IR was provided by SoftServ by Scientist.com. We are grateful to our colleagues at PALNI and PALCI for their initial work on HykuCommons as a solution for library consortia.